More Business and More Sales

Can having a website generate more business and increase sales?

  1. More Business and More Sales Formula

So, you’ve been told time and time again that having your own website can help you to generate business and increase sales. Yet what nobody seems to want to tell you is exactly how; how can having a website generate more business and increase sales?

If you ask them, the same people might baffle with you vague, unhelpful comments about how ‘a website can help you generate more business because it’s on the Internet, and that’s just what happens, right?’

Not necessarily.

The key to online success: Effective design and engaging content

In order to really generate more business and sales with a website you need the perfect combination of effective design, easy navigation and engaging content.

Put all that together with the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques and you stand a better chance of increasing sales.

Here’s how:

Be where your customers need you to be, when they need you to be there

With responsive web design, your website will look great and function flawlessly on mobile and tablet devices.

That means your customers can access your website anywhere at any time.

If you’re a tradesman, this is great news. Imagine being the plumber of locksmith a customer finds on their iPad in an emergency, or the mechanic whose customer uses their mobile phone to find you when they break down.

Those are just a few examples of course. Whatever your business, you can probably think of reasons why being available to your customers anywhere, at any time, on any device, could help you generate more business and increase sales.

Let your customers recommend you

When a potential customer walks into your physical, bricks­and­mortar location, chances are the only tool you’ll have at your disposal to convince them to buy from you is your word, or that of your best salesperson.

By having your own website, you could provide links to product reviews or testimonials from satisfied customers. People are more likely to take the word of their peers over that of a professional sales pitch (no matter how good it is.) so let your customers recommend your products and services for you.

Let your customers share you

Not only can your customers leave you strong reviews or recommendations, by using social media, they can also share your website with their friends and online communities.

You’ve heard what a strong tool word­of­mouth is when it comes to advertising, haven’t you? Simply think of social media as the next step in word­of­mouth advertising, and add social media buttons to your content so that your happy customers can share your site.

Give people exactly what they want

People using the Internet to find goods and services are usually very specific about their wants and needs. They don’t just want to find an accountant, they want to find an accountant in Sydney who specialises in working with property firms.

They don’t just need any old clothing store, they want to a find a clothing store in Perth who sell three-­piece suits.

Those are just two examples, but you get the idea; when people are looking to spend money online, they look for exactly what they need.

As a small business owner or tradesman, this is good news for you. It means that, providing there’s a market for it, you can provide a very niche product or service, and use Search Engine Optimisation and other online marketing techniques to ensure people find exactly what they need on your website.

Get a website that will generate more business and increase sales

To find out more great ways that having a website can generate business and increase your sales, contact AlphaCloud. Our web design experts are on hand to design, develop and promote your website, making sure that you’ll be generating more business and sales than you ever thought possible.

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