Mobile and Tablet Apps

AlphaCloud Mobile and Tablet Apps: Making You Mobile

Mobile and Tablet Apps

In this modern, busy world, your customers are constantly on the move, and you want to be right there with them, giving them access to your business wherever they go. That’s why, at AlphaCloud, we’re passionate about making you mobile with our mobile smartphone and tablet apps.

Mobile and Tablet Apps

Mobile and Tablet Apps

We already create mobile and tablet friendly websites , but we can do more than simply optimizing your AlphaCloud website for the mobile or tablet market.

We can also create mobile and tablet apps which offer a full range of functionality and design, so whether you’re a small online store or a big service provider, your customers can get exactly what they need in exactly the way that suits them best.

Why you should have a mobile or tablet app?

Your customers are spending less and less time chained to their computers or laptops and more and more time out and about in the world, logging onto the internet through smartphones or tablet devices like Apple’s iPad or Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

You want to be right there with them, offering them your products, services or information when they need it the most. You want to provide them with an app for their mobile phone or tablet that they can use to do a whole host of things.

Apps offer limitless possibilities

If you’re thinking that this all sounds great yet can’t see how your business could benefit from developing a smartphone and tablet application, don’t worry just yet. Our AlphaCloud app experts will be able to offer all the advice and support you need in coming up with a great app idea for your business.

Some of the more popular mobile and tablet apps have functions such as:

  1. Finding their nearest branch or store of their favorite high street chain
  2. Finding their way around at a conference or event
  3. Making a reservation and checking out the menu at a restaurant
  4. Booking cinema or show tickets
  5. And so much more.

Making your business mobile

Maybe you already have an idea for a great mobile and tablet app, but aren’t sure how to create it and get it out to your customers. That’s where AlphaCloud come in.

We can create apps for:

  1. Apple products (iPhone, iPad)
  2. Android
  3. Windows mobile
  4. Smartphones

We’ll also make sure that your mobile and tablet apps are submitted to, and accepted by, all the major app stores on the web.

Go mobile today with AlphaCloud

Simply get in touch and let’s talk about how we can make you mobile and ensure that your business is wherever your customers want it to be.

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