Video Marketing

Use video marketing to attract more customers and engage your audience

Video Marketing: Engage Your Website Visitors

Do you want to use video marketing to attract more customers to your brand new website and engage your audience with fresh video content but don’t know where to start?

Let AlphaCloud take the hassle out of your video marketing campaigns with a full range of services to help you engage and entertain your customers, attracting more visitors to your website and more sales in the process.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Turn Youtube viewers into long-term customers with video marketing

More and more businesses are using video content, whether on Youtube or hosted on their own websites to attract more customers and engage website videos.

Creating a video which helps people solve a particular problem they’re having (for example ‘How to use social media ’ ) or which they’ll find useful in some other way allows you to create the kind of relationship with your audience which will have them returning to you time and time again. Developing that kind of brand loyalty among your audience can only be a good thing, resulting in more web traffic, more sales and more long-term customers.

Complete video marketing support from AlphaCloud

Developing a hit Youtube video may sound like a great idea in theory, but where do you start? What if your only experience in making a video was that one time you were asked to film your cousin’s wedding on your Sony Handycam?

You don’t have to be a famous film director or online video editor to develop a video marketing strategy that will attract and engage more customers. AlphaCloud’s online marketing  experts are on hand to help you every step of the way, from planning your videos to uploading to Youtube and getting your videos seen by the masses.

Our video marketing services include:

Character and mascot design

Our designers can come up with a completely unique character to act as the ‘face’ or mascot of your business,, appearing in all your videos and other content.

Video infographics

Animated video graphics that present and explain key information in a simple-to-understand format.

Voice over

Our trained voice-over specialists will narate your video content in a tone and style that suits your video and your business.

Whiteboard animation

The art of drawing up an animation and providing a voice over of the process can be used for lots of different animation and training purposes.

Doodle videos

Similar to whiteboard animations, doodle videos help you deliver your key message in a fun, friendly fashion.

Contact AlphaCloud today and impress your audience with amazing online videos

Our expert online marketing team is waiting to hear from you. Contact us today and find out how AlphaCloud can help you to attract more visitors to your website and engage your customers using top quality video marketing.

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