eCommerce – What’s in Store?

Selling your products online has never been easier!

AlphaCloud eCommerce packages – What’s in store?

Selling your products online has never been easier than with AlphaCloud’s eCommerce solutions. We don’t just create standard eCommerce platforms, we create complete shopping experiences that will have your customers coming back to buy from you time and time again.

eCommerce Platform

eCommerce Platform

Here’s what’s in store when you sign up to sell your products with AlphaCloud eCommerce.

Complete online store management

We provide easy to understand, simple to use software to help you manage every element of your online store, giving you complete control over your store and the freedom to add or change things as your business grows.

Product catalogue management

Your intuitive administration area provides all the tools to manage every element of your product listings, add content, manage your inventory and more.

Full product browsing

Give your customers everything they need to know about your products by adding multiple images, descriptions, reviews and more. Help visitors to your site find everything they need and make an informed purchase so they’ll come to know and respect you as an online retailer they can trust.

Provide information on stock availability, related items and the option to send content to friends. With product browsing, you also have the option to add multi-tiered upsell promotions.

Promote new and featured products

Having a special sale or just got the hottest new product in store? Highlight these in store and drive traffic to key items.

Customer accounts management

Give your customers control over how they use your store. With customer accounts, they can add items to a wishlist to share with family or friends, update their contact and shipping info, check the status of a recent order, view their shopping history and even reorder.

All of this combines to make shopping at your store easy and convenient for your customers, ensuring they’ll come back to you time and time again for simple, stress-free shopping.

Order management

The easiest and most efficient way for both you and your customers to manage orders. With our order management tools, you can create invoices, receipts and shipping orders, issue refunds, create and edit orders and more, all from one simple admin panel.

Transaction management and payment processing

When you give your customers greater control over how they pay, they’re more likely to want to do business with you again.

With our hassle free payment handling, you can accept payments through all the major payment gateways, not to mention PayPal, Amazon and other alternative payment methods.

What’s more, you can offer and accept gift certificates, allow payments via check or money order and even purchase orders, offering your customers greater flexibility when it comes to choosing how to pay for your goods.

Flexible shipping options

You can do so much more than simply issue a delivery note with our fully flexible shipping features. Provide realtime updates on shipping costs from all major carriers, offer free or discounted rates for certain promotions and allow your customers the ability to track their orders from their account.

But wait, there’s more…

Your AlphaCloud eCommerce package also comes with the following features:

  1. Onsale products
  2. Shopping cart
  3. Catalog browsing
  4. Full support from your AlphaCloud representative

Sell your products with AlphaCloud eCommerce

Get all these features, along with the experience and expertise of your AlphaCloud eCommerce experts when you sign up to one of our exclusive deals.

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